Why Choose Simi Stove

Portable: Simi Stove is lightweight, compact and portable and can be used on any flat surface indoors or outside.
Health: Simi cooking gel does not produce harmful toxic fumes so it is safe to have your children with you when you cook.
Eco- Friendly: Simi Cooking Gel is an extremely clean burning fuel and will not produce the climate changing emissions that are produced by wood burning stoves.
Fuel Efficiency: By utilizing Simi Cooking Gel in the Simi Stove, you can slash monthly cooking costs by at least 50%, making it a highly efficient choice for your kitchen. Due to its efficiency Simi Stove can be used in conjunction with LPG to save money.
Easy Maintenance: The simplicity of the stove not only makes cleaning and upkeep easy, it virtually eliminates any ongoing maintenance costs.
Safety First: Simi Stove is designed to use Simi Cooking Gel and that a Gel is much safer to use than liquid fuels.
Patented Design and Aesthetics: Consider the Patented design and aesthetics of the stove, especially if it's an important factor in your kitchen decor.

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