What's Cooking ?

A Review of Cooking Solutions for Humanitarian Settings

A Practical Action Consulting Toolkit for the Moving Energy Initiative

A Review of Cooking Systems for Humanitarian Settings

Mattia Vianello (Practical Action Consulting) Energy, Environment and Resources Department

This paper is one of a series of ‘toolkits’ developed by the MEI partners. It has been written by Practical Action Consulting, with copy-editing and production support from Chatham House, to offer guidance on the design and implementation of improved cooking systems in displacement situations.

Ethanol: towards a viable alternative for domestic cooking in Ethiopia

Published by: Stockholm Environment Institute, SEI

Discussion Brief: Energy access and renewable energy policy in Ethiopia today

Climate, Environment, and Clean Cooking

Published by the Clean Cooking Alliance

Clean cooking is a proven and critical part of the climate solution

Clean Cooking Research Update

Published by the Clean Cooking Alliance

Research update – Air Pollution and Health 

Launch of Methanol Cooking Program in India

Press Information Bureau, Government of India, NITI Aayog

India's first Methanol Cooking Fuel debuts in Assam

Press Information Bureau, Government of India, NITI Aayog

A Corporate Presentation (Nepal)

Sean Satterley, Managing Director, Simi Stove

What's Cooking ?

The Benefits of Ethanol Stoves for Your Health & Environment

Enhancing air quality by transforming household cooking